“Your lawyer, your partner.”

The predecessor of Worldfair Partners, Chi-Nung Huang Law Office had been established in Taipei since December 2010.
Based on the core value of“Your lawyer, your partner”, with appreciation to the support of all clients and friends, our business has steadily grown up.
The firm is aiming to provide tailor-made legal service on a problem-solving perspective.

Worldfair Partners is named by World and Fair. Our philosophy is to become your lawyer as your partner. Our goal is to pursue a fair result, not only because it constitutes a worldwide value, but also we believe it will fit the client’s best interest, by balancing the substantive and procedural rights.

In terms of this philosophy, the firm has been serving its clients from individual to corporate, and also expanding its practice territory from nationwide to international. The firm specializes in various type of litigation, especially for complex business dispute. With strong litigation background, the firm extends to provide comprehensive corporate legal service from risk management aspects. The main practice area of the frim includes civil law, criminal law, white collar crime, corporate law, securities, banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, inheritance, labor law, corporate tax. The firm’s foreign clients come from the U.S., Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong. We also have experience to co-work with the U.S. law firm in cross-border litigation. Our vision is to become a boutique law firm with global perspective.